James Stephenson: Travels with my Land Rover
Timbuktu, Mali
These pages relate to my overland trips and interest in Land Rovers.

Overlanding is a great way to travel - slow enough in this jet-age to really
see a country and its people.

In a Land Rover you can get truly remote and have your own real adventure.
You research it, plan and prepare for it, worry about it - and then you go.

The furthest I have been so far is a full trans-Sahara, London to Timbuktu
and back - a 10,000 mile round trip.

It is said over 70% of all Land Rovers ever built since 1949 are still going,
arguably more eco than a Prius ?
The other 30% have now reached their final destination.

Tread lightly.
Overlanding in the Sahara
region drives home the
fundamental difference safe
drinking water makes to
people's lives.
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work WaterAid does, and
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