Land Rover Show at Billing UK: July 2006
There are about 3-4 main
Land Rover shows each
year in the UK, organised by
the monthly magazines. This
one is the 'Land Rover
Enthusiast' mag event and is
the biggest one - many
thousands of Landys of all
shapes and ages turn up
from all over Europe and
It is a great mix of unusual
Landys and trade stands.

Whilst the UK had been
basking in heat wave
conditions, this year saw the
weather turn for the worse.
It suddenly went very dark
and rained hard. Then
something like a mini
tornado whipped through
the site. Many trade stands
and tents were blown away.
Everyone at the show spent
about 40 minutes holding
everything down - a fine
team effort.
A tree came down and
damaged the Trailmaster's
Defender - luckily there
were no reported injuries.
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The photos below show a mixture of trade stands and interesting vehicles - hope you enjoy them.
A convoy from the Land Rover Club of
Iceland made the trip and proudly displayed
how they do things their way...
Notice the huge tyres for crossing glaciers
and the very high quality wheel arch
extension work.
This Freelander has had a big suspension
lift to accommodate the larger tyres.
Stephen Burgess and his
team are preparing for their
2007 Cape-to-Cape
expedition - yes, that's Cape
Town to Cape Horn, the long
way round...50,000 miles
through 35 countries.
The floating Landy will be
used to drive across the
Bering Strait between
Alaska and Russia.
This early Range Rover has
been converted by
Carawagon to have a folding
camper roof...
The photo right shows the
gas cooker next to the
steering wheel (!) - handy for
a quick cup of tea I
See LINKS for more info on
Roof-top tents were
increasingly popular at the
show, with variations on the
Many trade stands supply
interesting kit for
Left: Lovely Defender 130
CrewCab fitted with twin
roof-top tents, awning and
nice kitcken/storage pod on
the back of the pick-up area.
Right: Nice comparison
between the Carawagon
(left) and the Dormobile
(right) camper conversions.
Far Left: 101 Forward
Control camper conversion.
Left: 101 Forward Control ex
Ambulance ripe for a
camper conversion.
Right: Demountable camper
pods for pickups have not
proved popular with
overlanders due to high CoG
and weak mounting points  -
although they are very
convenient for touring.
Plenty of trade stands with
overlander's kit, solving
some of those storage
Far Left: Pockets galore
Left: Wheel cover with built
in storage.
Right: Storage to strap onto
wheel cover.
Left: Plenty of suspension
mods available to increase
ground clearance and axle
Right: This interesting
Defender from Germany is in
fact a 'push-me-pulleyo.'
A case of 'Vorsprung and
backwards Tecknik' I
Far Left: Ex British Army Series
2A was stationed in Hong Kong
for 40 years - believed the
longest serving vehicle...
Left: 1991 prototype named
(For more on interesting
prototype Landys visit:
Right: Tepee tents on show
proved very durable to the high
Left: The ex Camel Trophy
Club had a big turn out...
Right: The Series One club
had some great exhibits
from the late 1940s and
early 1950s.
Some great fire engine
Far Left: Series 2A Forward
Left: Series One.
Right: Range Rover 6x6.
Left: Lovely preserved
ex Army 101 Forward
Control ambulance.
Right: Great turnout
from the Forward
Control club, including
this 6x6.
Far Left: Trade stands
selling handy 'animal head'
themed towball covers.
Left: Series One with
modern day Defender.
Good to see Land Rover
supporting these events.
This is the Land Rover
Experience demonstration
team with a portable display
of the latest model range.