Arctic Russia & Norway via Sweden/Finland: August 2006
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Tessa and I greatly enjoyed our tour through
We concentrated on being above the Arctic
Circle (Lapland) with near 24 hour daylight,
hence many of these photos being taken at
dusk as late as 11pm.
We spent our time in Russia in the remote
Kola Peninsula enjoying much off-roading
guided by Dutch resident Frank and our UK
arranger Robb.
4 cars made the trip from the UK and 5
Russians joined the trip travelling in an ex
Russian army Type 66 4x4 truck.
We greatly enjoyed the welcome, hospitality
and warm friendship our Russian travelling
pals showed the UK group, which has made
a lasting impression on us, and was the
highlight of the trip.
We then continued our tour down through
Norway to include island hopping, the Fjords,
glacier mountains, and finally a live Rolling
Stones concert in Bergen before sailing for
Due to the large number of photos, I have
split the tour into several pages.
Photos: Many thanks to all
on the trip for the use of
these shots.
Frank, Robb, Sue, Roger,
Simon, Eric, Rob, Tim, Polly,
Slava, Sergei, Marina,
Pasha, Vlad and Tessa
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The vehicles: Frank the guide drove an ex Russian army Type 66 4x4 truck and a Land Rover Discovery; Sue & Roger their Toyota Land Cruiser; Simon,
Eric and Rob their Mitsubishi Warrior; Tim & Polly their Land Rover Defender 90 and Tessa and myself our Land Rover Defender 130 Foley camper.
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We visited during their short summer
Typical Russian checkpoint
Beautiful new Orthodox church - Kandalaksha
Kandalaksha at 11pm
Called the White Sea due to low Arctic sun
The White Sea
Frank & Sergei clear the way
Ex military hardware was everywhere
Frank's Type 66 4x4 put into tourist duties
This beautiful lake makes a great lunch spot
Rural Russia - Diesel was 20p per liter
Paying for fuel was through a hole in the wall
A bit of off-roading
I lost a rear mud flap here
Umba has become a restricted zone again, so we had to be driven in by Russians - we were greatly moved by the singing & dancing performed for us
Stuck in the mud
Mosquito net hats were very necessary
Simon gets stuck - in fact we all get stuck
Red Russian dust
Mr Custard shows off his on-board hot shower facilities
Typical evening dinner campfire scene
Tessa & Rob play a Russian drinking game
Typical breakfast campfire scene
hut with
memorial to
the sinking
of the Kola
me with a
piece of
marble he
used to help
build the
memorial in
Slava chopping logs the Russian way
Old Saami (Laplander) summer camp
Sue & Slava relax on the soft lichen
Fisherman's hut on the White Sea
Tessa's drinking spoon has given Eric a
large wooden nose
Some fun with a Soviet style skidoo
Simon & Slava tuck into a hearty lunch
Rural Russian shop
Vodka was available but not on display as
they were not licenced
Russia:  Lovozero mountains, Kola Peninsula, Murmansk region - above the Arctic Circle.
Rob &
Marina (our
buy some
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