Portugal via France/Spain: May 1999
Practising failed hill climb
routines in a controlled
environment - the Pyrenees
Myself and Ron in our Defender 110s took a trip to the Pyrenees in May 1999 to join a steep hill ascent/descent training
course run by an ex RAF Mountain Rescue expert.
We practised failed hill climb routines, as well as cadence braking - when low first gear was not enough to keep the
Landys at a safe slow speed on steep loose surface descents.
We enjoyed a few days greenlaning in the mountains using ancient smuggler tracks between France and Spain.
A plane had come down in the mountain forest
- no news of the fate of the crew.
I then continued on to southern Portugal - I did some
off-roading there through the lovely old bottle-cork tree
forests. On reflection, the trees did seem to be getting
somewhat dense, and then I got rather stuck...
(Yes, there's a Defender 110 in there !)
I think I got a bit over confident after all that training in the
Pyrenees !
I had some colleagues with me (Sandra/Merril/Martin) and
had to ask them to dismount for their own safety whilst I
was obliged to do a 40-point turn on a loose surface 40
degree side slope in the 40 degree heat - I still wonder to
this day if I ever remembered to engage dif-lock !
On the way home to London I stopped by the Guggenheim
art gallery in Bilbao, but being a Monday it was shut !
Still - managed to get a quick photo of 2 great designs
fashioned in metal, before being moved on...
Sorry about the picture quality.