Morocco via France/Spain: September 1997
The convoy of Land Rovers awaits the
Portsmouth-Bilbao ferry...
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This was my first time driving outside Europe - Morocco is a fantastic country that I keep going back to.
It has everything: Ancient cities, Atlantic and Mediterranean coast lines, Africa's second highest peak in the stunning High Atlas
Mountains, great people and food (and beer !), and down south a real taste of the pre-Sahara.
As it was my first time, Jan and I went with an own car self-drive escorted convoy by Trailmasters - a great way to learn the ropes
and to catch the bug for overlanding.
Playing a side show game at the Imilchil
marriage festival
Crossing the High Atlas mountains
Approaching the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi
at Merzouga
The pre-Sahara
The Land Rover convoy team
High Atlas late in the day - stunning scenery
and colours