Gibraltar via France/Spain: November 2001
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Sierra Nevada mountains near
Granada - a national park, the
highest peak is 3,481m.
The highest road pass
over the Sierra Nevada is
Pico Veleta at 3,398m  -
and popular with cyclists !
The Alhambra palace in
Granada - beautiful, but
very busy. You need to
arrive early to book a time
slot to enter - we had to
wait 3 hours - or book
A typical Spanish
Andalucian hillside
town - like the food,
rather Moorish !
The Barbary apes of
Gibraltar - they are very
used to tourists, and
so have become
cheeky monkeys.
Interior of chapel at
the Alhambra palace
in Granada.
The Rock of Gibraltar is filled with
tunnels and caves. The earliest
were dug over 300 years ago to
bear cannon to repel the Spanish.
Past the airstrip is Spain and the
town of La Linea - said to be built
just far enough to be out of
cannon ball range.
The only road to Spain is over the
runway, so the road is closed
when a plane is expected.
The Royal Navy
dockyards at
Gibraltar are rapidly
giving way to a new
passenger terminal
- important to attract
a visit from all those
high spending
cruise liner
On the way we did some touring and off-roading around
the national parks in the Granada region.
There were 3 Landys and 1 Toyota; myself, Martyn, Ron,
Sue & Roger.
These parks are so big that 4x4 is legal and we hardly
saw anyone else.
Great views from the mountain peaks above the clouds.