Land Rover Defender 130 300Tdi Camper
You can see the
rather grandly
named 'safari room'
annex to the rear.
Oh, and the rather
beautiful Croatian
scenery in the
background !
Korcula island, Croatia
This is my latest Landy - it was built for me by Foley Specialist Vehicles.
Each step of the design and specification was agreed along the way, and after 5 months I took delivery in August 2004.
It was originally a 1988 British Forces MoD Defender 130 V8 Rapier, used to haul anti-aircraft missile launching systems in and
around RAF airfields in the UK and continental Europe, but also saw action further afield.
Although totally rebuilt from the ground up including a new 300Tdi diesel engine and R380 gearbox, it retains the original chassis
(now galvanised) and axles (refurbished), so it has an age related number plate. This is good, as it drastically reduces the cost
of getting a Carnet for more distant overland destinations.
A Carnet is like a passport for your car and allows the temporary importation of a vehicle into a country without incurring
expensive import duty. Thankfully you don't need one for Europe and most of north-west Africa, although you should always check.
Click this link to see details of the specification
Overland trips completed in this Land Rover include:
Croatia via France/Germany/Switzerland/Italy/Austria/Slovenia/Bosnia
Arctic Russia & Norway via Sweden/Finland
Pyrenees via France/Andorra/Spain
Outer Hebrides via Scotland