Land Rover Defender 110 Td5 County Station Wagon  
Dormobile camper roof conversion
Mali, enroute to Timbuktu
I bought this Defender 110 new in 1999. I toyed with the idea of buying in Belgium or Holland to save money,
although at the time they would of only had a 1 year warranty instead of the normal UK 3 year deal.
I went to my nearest dealer in the UK and explained I would rather buy local, and good news - they matched
the best quote I had.

It started off as a normal County Station Wagon with a roof-tent. After a few trips, I decided to fulfil a long
held desire to get a Dormobile camper roof conversion - done in the same style as the solo woman overlander
Barbara Toy had in the 1950/60s (see Links).
Completed in the year 2000 as a new style prototype (it extends from the side), this was the first Td5 engined
Defender to be converted to a Dormobile.
Click here to see details of the specification
Overland trips completed in this Land Rover include:
Timbuktu via France/Spain/Morocco/Western Sahara/Mauritania/Mali
Algeria via France/Italy/Tunisia
Morocco via France/Spain
Portugal via France/Spain
Barbara Toy being presented
with her new Land Rover Series
2 Dormobile in 1958 (see Links
for more info on Barbara Toy)
Gibraltar via France/Spain